Even The Most Technically Challenged Person Can Do It Thanks To Our Innovative, Affordable And Easy-To-Use Software.

From the offices of Paul Shepperd, Founder and President of Synagism:
Dear Friend-

Perhaps you are an Online Entrepreneur, an Internet Marketer, a Social Networker or someone who just loves to play with Video.

In any case, you may have found that the products you are currently using are either :

    • Too cumbersome to edit easily,
    • Too expensive,
    • Too time-consuming for you to use effectively,
    • Too difficult to understand or
    • Produces a final product that lacks substance and clarity as a final        video product

In other words, for way too long, Video Software has just been a headache! Using it has been like typing with boxing gloves – it just doesn’t help at all.

Sound like anything you’ve experienced?

“Video Magic” Helps You Create Your Videos, Polish Them To Perfection And Share Them With Your Audience – In Just Minutes.
Not hours, not days – and definitely without headaches or stress!
“Video Magic” is a breath of fresh air compared to other video software applications out there, because it:

Saves you plenty of time!

Saves you lots of hassle because the thinking is done by the program!

Gives you permission to ENJOY the video creation process!

Allows you to be as creative as you want to be – no limitations due to complex functionality!
Can be used by anybody – you don’t need any technical talent whatsoever!
Does so much more!
Imagine If You Could Unleash The Limitless Power of Video Without The Stress And Fuss?

Well, now YOU CAN.

No need any more to have to rely on the so-called Experts because it is all too hard for you to do yourself, or even think it is too scary to even give it a go!
What I’m saying is quite simple and it is this:
“Video Magic” means from now that you have at your disposal an easy-to-use tool on your computer that allows you – with the help of your webcam - to create your video, edit your video, compress it and upload it to your website or your emails!

And it does it all with just a few clicks of your mouse button.
No thinking on your part because the program does it all for you. It guides you every step of the way!
In just a few minutes, you’ve created your video, edited it with impressive effects – even a nice soundtrack!
Sounds like a dream right?

Well It Isn’t! That’s Because This Dream Video Creation, Editing And Publishing Software Is Real And 100% GUARANTEED!

It’s Called “Video Magic” And It’s Available NOW!

“Video Wizard” gives you full control of all the creative functions – without the need for any technical know-how!

It's child's play!

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It!
Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying About “Video Magic”!

“The online videos are proving to be a key factor in our selling success!”
“We used the ‘Video Magic’ suite to compress our product videos and then we uploaded them to our website. We are delighted with the results being achieved with the videos. The inclusion of the videos produced a great response, not only from our staff and sales team, but more importantly from our customers! It has been instrumental in us obtaining several new contracts. The online videos are proving to be a key factor in our selling success and have enabled us to deliver our sales pitch directly into our clients’ offices.”

Andrew Harris, CEO Portable Creations Pty Ltd
Queensland, Australia
“Within minutes I had a video for my clients!”
“The ‘Video Magic’ software was easy to install and within thirty minutes of installation, I had a forty-five second video for clients and prospective clients. The compression of files means you can get your video to people without spamming them and that’s incredibly important when the whole idea is to get a good image across.”

Dr. Mark Williams, Solicitor
Melbourne, Australia

“We needed a quick, easy and reliable way to share information”
“We want to say thank you very much for your software! As professional advisors, we use your software often to send business information to clients and our overseas partners. We needed a quick, easy and reliable way to share information with our clients and business partners. We looked around and found your product! Not being skilled in the technical side, we found that the two ‘Video Magic’ program are really easy to use and allows us to do what we want to do, without taking a lot of time. Thanks a lot for helping our business to go better!”

David McLaren, GM, Melbourne Business Development Services
Melbourne, Australia

“Video Magic” Allows You To Do Everything You Can Think Of – And Much More - To Create Show-Stopping, Jaw-Dropping And Profit-Generating Videos!
And remember, you can do ALL of this stuff, without any bit of technical talent or know-how at all!

With “Video Magic” software you will:

Never be lost for words: Eliminate the possibility of a blank moment altogether! “Video Magic” comes with its own autocue! You type into the program the words you want to say! Then when it’s time to record, the words will scroll across the screen for you to read – easy!
Make your video look and sound as YOU want it: That’s because “Video Magic” has a simple, user-friendly editing panel that allows you to tweak your video! Add special effects, add credits – even a soundtrack of your choice! You can do everything you want to create the video you want!
Compress your video file for online publishing and distribution: You’ve seen websites with huge video files that take forever to load! With “Video Magic” you can easily compress your video files for the net! Goodbye slow-to-load videos forever!
Say goodbye to buffering altogether: It’s frustrating having to wait for videos to buffer, but with “Video Magic” you can eliminate buffering altogether! It’s all thanks to the compression tool that cuts your video down to size without compromising audio visual quality!
Easily upload your videos to the internet: Uploading your videos to your website is easy! Just follow the prompts and your videos are ready to view, online in minutes!
Easily upload your videos to the internet securely: Got a video you only want to share with a select group? No worries! “Video Magic” can generate passwords for all of your select content – just follow the prompts!
Organize your video files quickly and easily: It’s easy to lose files when you’re super busy, but “Video Wizard” has it covered! With the help of the wizard, you will properly organize your files easily, for instant retrieval!
Set limited time viewing on your videos online: Want to upload a video to your website, but only have it available for viewing for a short time? No problem! “Video Magic” enables you to set the video viewing schedule – perfect for limited time viewing and great to get your prospects acting NOW!
Create and upload presentations to your website: “Video Magic” doesn’t just allow you to upload video files to the internet. You can also upload graphics and text as well using the software – all you do is follow the prompts and it’s all done!
You can do all of that and reap the benefits without any technical knowledge!
The software guides you step-by-step until you have successfully completed your video creation, compression, editing and publishing tasks, however…
…When You Download The “Video Magic” Software You Also Get Access To Our Fun And Easy-To-Understand Tutorials!
It’s all part of the deal!

The “Video Magic” tutorials walk you through absolutely everything you can do with the software and video in general. Everything you need to succeed with video is covered in these tutorials!


1. Video Production Simplified
1a. Why produce video for the internet?
1b. Producing video content online
1c. Distributing video content online
1d. How video will enhance your business success
2. Record your Video
2a. Using the proper equipment
2b. Video recording tips
3. Edit your video
3a. The basics of editing
3b. Editing for style and content
4. Add effects to your video
4a. Functions of effects
4b. When to use effects
5. Create your video file
5a. Compress your video
5b. Export your video
6. Set up your server
6a. Organizing your files
6b. Controlling accessibility
7. Upload your video file
7a. The uploading process
7b. Evaluating your results
You’ll be so impressed – not to mention empowered - by the simplicity of the tutorials!
To appreciate just what this powerful software is all about, “Video Magic” has two features:
Video Wizard Media Manager
The remarkable features of these extraordinary products mean that if you’ve never gone through the process of video production, then you’ll be delighted to learn that the Video Wizard will guide you through to the very end. Then after you finish with the Wizard, embed your videos in your web pages or send them via creating Video Emails using our Super Friendly Media Manager to shoot them up to your Server.
For the technically minded:

Compress .avi files into Macromedia Flash .swf format files.
Have access to robust editing features for all compressed videos including: audio re-dubbing, editing video length, changing video display size, changing viewing quality...to name just a few things.
Achieve high compression- sometimes as low 1% of the original size without loss of quality
Enjoy comprehensive customization of compression settings includes: frame rate, video & jpeg quality, video & audio codecs, media player quality...to mention only some of the options
Experienced users will undoubtedly get many more benefits from its codecs flexibility
Use our unique Wizard-based operation, requiring no prior training to produce great compressed videos. Use manually control if desired!
Compresses to Audio only or Video only, if we desire.
Import any video file of your choice, or record one using built-in webcam recording feature
Fully utilize your Web-cam by accessing special recording features of Video Wizard including: teleprompter (i.e. guides your speech), manual control of camera settings, inbuilt onscreen recording monitor.


You gain access to multiple services with Media Manager’s Built-in advanced FTP program.
Program the automatic generation of links to your uploaded files.
With Media Manager, various types of files can be uploaded to any server you choose. This can also include a default server.
Name the files any way you want and the software will reference the name you’ve chosen.
One of the best features of the Manager is that you can pre-set set deletion dates for specific presentation pages and files that have been uploaded to the server or- conveniently, lock them up until a certain date. This allows you to create anticipation and excitement for your launches or promotions.
With the Manager, you can artistically and practically combine graphics, text, audio/video on your carefully created Internet presentation pages
And for all those folks who just want to plain know the Benefits:
No experience with video necessary our Wizard will guide you through all the steps to sharing your message
Tutorials explain how every facet of the program helps you to create the best quality videos possible
Record your videos with ease using our webcam feature
Teleprompter allows you to type in text, which scrolls across the screen while you record never bother with a script
Editing made easy adjust the length of your video and match sound to video without any previous editing experience!
Add effects to your video to enhance the visual experience
Customize the way you compress video maintain great video and sound quality while keeping a small file size
Export your video to conventional file types as well as flash format
Built-in video player allows you to choose when to stop and start playing of your video on a website
Upload an unlimited amount of video files
Videos are designed to accommodate both slow and fast internet connections (no buffering)
Media Manager automatically keeps a record of all your uploaded files, so you never misplace or lose files
Choose what names Media Manager addresses your files, instead of just the file name
The Internet video creation process is multifaceted, and can certainly generate a lot of questions! Here are our answers to many of the things you may be wondering about our products…


Q. How does VIDEO WIZARD outdo other video compression products?
A. It addresses and does away with the flaws of other programs. Anyone, no matter what level of expertise, from amateur to professional, can use this program to edit or change videos.
Q. Do the other video compression products supply editing features?
A. Some products like Instant Video Generator, Audio Generator and Easy Web Video are compression tools, but do not let a person edit their video or change it to enhance the quality, like one might want to do. They just allow for simple uploading to their website.

However, there are products made for editing, but watch out if you are an amateur. Sorenson and Media Cleaner are some editing software. The problem is that you really need some specialized skills and knowledge in technology to be able to use them; they are quite confusing to most people.

Q. What about YouTube?
A. If you’re going to edit your video with certain products like Sorenson, for example, you will do it before uploading the file to YouTube. Then, you really can’t edit it after uploading, without difficulty and without potentially downgrading the quality of the video.

Not only that, but the file will tend to be larger than it needs to be, and therefore viewing time will be shortened.

Q. With the VIDEO WIZARD, do you need to supply existing video?
A. Not necessarily, someone can either directly record video OR use existing video.
Q. What kinds of things can the VIDEO WIZARD edit or change?
A. Video length, deletes, copy and paste – every part of it, really.
Q. How long could it take for someone to develop expertise in using this product?
A. There’s no waiting really; instructions are straightforward and self-explanatory. It is intentionally designed to be suitable for anyone.
Q. Is it easy for the user to comply with the program’s instructions?
A. There is minimal input required for maximum output; i.e. simple commands yield the desired, comprehensive changes.
Q. Before this new product, VIDEO WIZARD, how did people manage to edit their videos to their liking?
A. Well, some just didn’t; either they tried and failed due to amateurishness, or they didn’t even give it a go at all. Others got partial success due to using existing video compression products that gave them only partial satisfaction in their end-result video editing. And the 3rd group maybe just went whole-hog and hired a technical professional who had hi-tech specialized knowledge in the video compression and editing applications.
Q. People are successfully placing their videos on YouTube, and some look pretty decent; what kind of improvements or upgrades can VIDEO WIZARD offer?
A. Utilizing VIDEO WIZARD for YouTube, videos can be made longer, the video quality will be improved, and there will be bandwidth savings.
Q. What are some drawbacks of the types of video editing software that’s been utilized for YouTube?
A. Products such as Power Director and the like, that are being utilized for YouTube video, allow for editing video that’s been taped first, with a personal Digital Video camera. They can be difficult to understand and work with.

Also, launching your videos on the web, like on YouTube or other web page, is not the primary function of these commercially available products (like Power Director) – which makes them somewhat “not” as net friendly as you need.

These edited video files are large, meaning more bandwidth costs and longer load up times. So, the videos viewed on YouTube would have to be shorter in length.

Also, VIDEO WIZARD’s unique file splitting ability means that large files can be split and seen on YouTube - previously this would have been impossible and caused extra work to give a modified version of the Video. Now you can have a very large multi part video in an instant!

Q. Can VIDEO WIZARD deal with audio too?
A. Yes, this same software product deals with video and audio; it’s not split up into 2 different software products which would effectively charge the consumer twice as much. VIDEO WIZARD includes both, so you are saving 50% over other products.
Q. Explain how the audio/video feature works?
A. Well, you can have both working together, or just video, or just audio. With the latter two, the removal of either the video or audio makes it possible to compress the file, which shortens its length. It’s easy to see the advantage in bandwidth, play time, and segments included. For example, if the audio message is important, then producing an 80 minute message results in a file of only 18 meg, so advantages are HUGE.
Q. I am worried that I may try to use it, but still not understand the procedure or do what’s necessary.
A. We designed it from a non-technical person’s view to operate via a guided Wizard, whereby pressing a simple picture button causes the program to take you step by step to the end of the process. Along the way, you can change anything about the video if you think it is needed.

In other words, it is very intuitive and logical and easy to understand and use and so reach your goal of a nice looking compressed video or audio. No complicated things to learn, simple clear buttons on screen help you through the process.

Q. How much does all this FABULOUSNESS actually cost the consumer?
A. $329 US one-time payment. Compare with Instant Video Generator, Audio Generator which have monthly fees of $69.90 every month, or $838.80 every year.

And, although Sorenson & Easy Web Video are cheaper at $199, they don’t supply certain things that VIDEO WIZARD does. They don’t record webcam. They don’t offer audio-only, for instance. If you buy the extra programs needed to do what VIDEO WIZARD does, you’ll end up spending more than VIDEO WIZARD’s one-time price.



Programs Dealing with Editing and/or Compression and./or Uploading / Organizations Webcam Recording Feature Export Files Playabale by convention video players Ability to ensure matching of audio and video output
Instant Video Generator YES NO NO
Sorenson NO NO-internet playable only NO
Easy Web Video(V2F) NO NO NO
Video Wizard and Media Manager YES YES YES
Programs Dealing with Editing and/or Compression and./or Uploading / Organizations Control & starting of Video on pages Videos all internet connections Choose various compression rates
Instant Video Generator NO-automatic play; buffering required YES-Suitable for both fast and slow connections NO- fixed compression ratio
Sorenson NO-automatic play; buffering required NO-Suitable for fast connections only YES-but quality is not retained
VX30 Suite NO-automatic play; buffering required NO-Suitable for fast connections only YES
Easy Web Video(V2F) NO-automatic play; buffering required NO-Suitable for fast connections only YES
Video Wizard and Media Manager YES YES-Suitable for both fast and slow connections YES
Programs Dealing with Editing and/or Compression and./or Uploading / Organizations Host Videos on multiple servers Ability to convert to flash Modify video appearance,such as brightness and color No restrictions on uploads to videos
Instant Video Generator NO- must use IVG server and pay YES YES NO- 2 minutes per video encouraged
Sorenson NO-software does not upload video YES NO NO-software does not upload video
Easy Web Video(V2F) NO-Specifis domains only YES NO NO-Limit 5 MB per video
Video Wizard and Media Manager YES YES YES YES

“Video Magic” Is Unlike Any Video Software Program You Have Ever Seen – For All The Right Reasons!

You've read all about how "Video Magic":

Makes it EASY for you to create professional videos for the net – in minutes!
Makes it EASY for you to upload your videos to the net – in minutes!
Eliminates all the HASSLE associated with video software!
Helps you get as CREATIVE as you want with your videos – without frustration!
Does all of the above without the need for you to have ANY technical experience!

And you’ve read the testimonials from real-life customers who are benefiting right now thanks to “Video Magic”! You’ve even discover why it’s better than other video software out there.

Even so, we know there’s three more things we need to cover!

First of all…

...”Video Magic” Software Suite Is Backed By My 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE!

If you decide right here, right now to go ahead and purchase “Video Magic” software you have the assurance that I personally back it with my 100% money-back guarantee!

My 60-Day IRON-CLAD Money-Back Guarantee

If within 60 days of purchase, you use the software correctly and are not satisfied with its capabilities, let me know because I will give you your money back! No questions asked and definitely no hard feelings!

That’s because I believe in this product 100%! I know it works because it works for me, it works for my customers and it will work for you too – GUARANTEED!


…When You Purchase “Video Magic” You Get REAL Tech Support!
We’re not talking here about the kind of support where you send a ‘help me!’ email in desperation and wait and wait and wait…

We’re talking here about real support!
You can pick up the phone and talk to me OR you can send me OR my Support Team an email and get a response from me within one business day.

And that support is available to you for the duration of your “Video Magic” access!

Why? Because as a customer, I want to make sure you are 100% delighted with “Video Wizard” and the results I know – and guarantee – that it will deliver for you!
And thirdly…
…All Of This Is Available To You For As Little As $567!
You read correctly! You can unleash for yourself the power of “Video Magic” today from just $567!
Thats less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day!
That’s how much you would pay for a JUST ONE product from one of the BIG GUYS that does a lot less things than what our software can do.
We can also all because I offer you several purchase options:
• Pay the full price NOW

• Pay the full price OVER TIME using our special progressive payment    plan
But wait!
If you feel that $567 is still too much and you only want to buy now one of the components of “Video Magic”, then I have some good news!

You can buy each of the component parts of the Video Magic SEPERATELY if you wish.
Simply go to the Purchase section of the Website and buy the component that suits you.
You can buy each of the component parts of the Video Magic SEPERATELY if you wish.
So what we’re saying is that there’s a purchase option to suit your budget and your usage requirements!

How’s that for customer-centered convenience?

But there’s still one more thing I need to mention!

You Can Check Out “Video Magic” For Yourself Right Now For FREE! It’s All Thanks To Our 14 day, No Obligation, FREE Trial!

I know, I know. Even with the testimonials, huge benefits list, guarantee, real support for the life of your subscription and affordable price tag, you NEED to be convinced that my software works.


I am offering you one FREE 14-Day Trial!

To sign up for the trial and access “Video Magic” for FREE right NOW, simply click here!

And remember, by signing up for the FREE trial, you are under absolutely no obligation to purchase. Sure, it would be fantastic if you did purchase after using the software for yourself in the trial, however, it is up to you!
Seen Enough To KNOW That “Video Magic” Will Help You Do More Business And Impress Your Far Away Friends And Relatives?
If so, you can purchase “Video Magic” RIGHT NOW!
Once you do that, you will have INSTANT access to “Video Magic”! No waiting for couriers or the postman – none of that!
Just purchase online, right here, right now – and away you go!

The many benefits of “Video Magic” await!
But that’s not all!

If You Are Among The First 50 People to Purchase The Full Version of “Video Magic” By The End Of This Month,
You’ll Get It For Just $567 $427! And You Will Also Get Over $170 Worth of FREE BONUSES!

Your eyes are not deceiving you at all!
If you are one of the lucky 50 people to order the Full Version of “Video Magic”, you’ll get a $120 discount!

But you will ALSO get $170 worth of FREE bonuses!
Here’s what I’m throwing in your bonus bundle:
BONUS #1: Websync Media Communicator Exe Generator (Value $95):
Send your compressed video files via CD Rom or download direct from the internet with no hassles! This tool combines a special media player with the video file to produce an executable file. This allows for automatic play of the file without the need for downloading software. Ideal for sharing video messages with others – regardless of if they have the right player to play it! It’s yours FREE when you order the “Video Wizard” Full Version!
BONUS #2: Seven Steps to Your Own Online Empire Report (Value $79):
As you know, there’s much more to succeeding in the online business world than just whacking a website together, including a nice product and putting it onto the internet! To succeed online, the first step is to find the right business – a business that you LOVE and a business that will actually work online! To help you with this, I am also including with your order a useful report called, “Seven Steps to Your Own Online Empire” valued at $79! It is jam-packed full of instruction and advice that will help you get on the road to success with your online empire – and it’s FREE when you order the “Video Wizard” Full Version!
You won’t find these bonuses anywhere else on the internet! They are only available with this offer – and they’re ready for instant download!

But I’m not done with my bonuses yet!
Now For The MOTHER Of All Bonuses – But It’s Only Available If You Order TODAY!
If you order “Video Magic” TODAY, you’re in for a real treat!

That’s because in addition to the special bonuses I have already mentioned, I am also throwing in my specially designed:

Synagism Pocket Player

It’s valued at $99, but it’s FREE when you order “Video Wizard” or “Media Manager” TODAY!

This clever tool enables you to put all of your favorite Flash video files onto your PDA or Windows Mobile 5 Smart Phone! Now you can watch all your favorite videos wherever you are!

Again, it’s a bonus you will not find anywhere else! Nowhere!

But I’m still not done yet, because there’s one final bonus!

I’ve Saved The BEST For Last! This One Is Even Better Than The MOTHER Of All Bonuses! But It Is Only Available If You Order The Full Version Of “Video Magic” TODAY!

My development team has been hard at work creating what really is "revolutionary Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software that will cut hours – not to mention THOUSANDS of dollars – off your SEO efforts!

If you want a website that DRIVES the traffic and the profits to YOU, you need SEO!

And if you want to save time and money achieving fantastic, organic search results on Google and all the BIG search engines, you need:


This software will sell for well over $600 when released very soon, but if you purchase the Full Version of “Video Magic” TODAY, we will send you a special voucher JUST FOR YOU which means you’ll get Websync Search for just $300!

That’s a HUGE 50% OFF for SEO software that will:

Skyrocket your website traffic!
Skyrocket your business profits!
Skyrocket your CONFIDENCE!
Do all of the above whilst saving you TIME and THOUSANDS!
Now imagine how that’s going to change your life – and your business – for the better!

That program is yours at a massive 50% discount if you order the Full Version of “Video Magic” TODAY!
This Bonus alone is why you should purchase the “Video Magic” software.
So What Are You Waiting For? Are You Ready To Unleash The Power of Video RIGHT NOW?
Why put up with cumbersome, expensive and frustrating video software for a minute longer?

Why sit on the sidelines, as others make fortunes by enhancing their businesses with video?

Why miss interaction with far away family and friends because you don’t have the video software you need?

Don’t put up with any of that anymore!

Unleash the power of video right now with “Video Magic”! Do so by doing one of the following:


But remember! To get the Full Version of “Video Wizard” for the special, limited time price of just $520 $400, with all of those bonuses, you must ORDER NOW!

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Yours in online success,

Paul Shepperd

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